Victor Cartagena
Anatomy de la Mentira

The exhibition by Victor Cartagena entitled Anatomy de la Mentira will be held at TinT Gallery from the 24th of May until the 23d of June 2007.

The artist himself notes about his works:
"...We lie. We lie all the time, constantly, systematically. We lie for
pleasure, we lie out of compassion, we lie to get out of an obligation, and we lie to win someone over. We lie to take advantage of one another, to gain electoral votes, to start wars, out of fear and we lie, just because, to lie.
Lying is happening at a massive scale. Technical progress exists in the
service of lies. Every breath we take, avalanches of lies are covering the world, causing human suffering. Our complicity. Lies are fabricated in large quantities. Lies are thrown to the masses through the written word, through images, through sound bites. Mentiras.
We all carry a 'red nose' along with us, to save us, to hide behind, to save us from the truth ...a little lie now and then can' t kill anyone..."

VICTOR CARTAGENA was born in El Salvador, relocated to the United States and has been an artist and teacher in the San Francisco Bay-Area since the late 1980s. Initially a printmaker, his works now include sculpture, audio/video installations, and set-design. He is the recipient of multiple grants, fellowships, and awards, among them a San Francisco Cultural Equity Grant (2005), the "Visions from the New California" grant (2004), a month-long residency at 18th Street Arts Complex in Santa Monica (2004), a grant from the Peter S. Reed Foundation (2004), and the Rockefeller grant (2002). His work has been included in numerous shows across the United States and in Mexico, Japan, El Salvador, Belarus, Ecuador, Spain and Greece, and in numerous public and private collections.